• 30 10 2017

3 brands who have nailed Halloween

UK consumers are going to spend a staggering £320 million celebrating Halloween and delighting in all things spooky. Here we take a look at the growth drivers for this seasonal spike and how Topshop, Marks and Spencer and Lush are leading the way with immersive experiences, product makeovers and irresistible gifts.


1. Immersive experiences

Recognising that customers want positive experiences that go beyond simple price promotions, Topshop has partnered with Netflix to transform its Oxford Street store into an immersive Stranger Things event. With original sets from the show, giveaways, limited-edition merchandise and an in-store cinema hosting a back-to-back screening of Stranger Things 2, customers won’t be disappointed.


2. Product makeovers

Confectionery is undoubtedly the biggest category by volume for Halloween, with a third of UK customers buying seasonal treats for parties and trick or treating. Marks and Spencer has ramped up its Halloween offer by giving old favourites a spooky makeover and introducing ‘Count Colin the Catterpillar’ and ‘Percy Pumpkins’ much to the delight of their loyal fanbases who have shown their appreciation across social channels.


3. Irresistible gifts

Impulse buys dominate Halloween, with over 30% of consumers buying on the spur of the moment. Lush has capitalised on the holiday’s importance by launching a spellbinding limited edition range  including bewitched; the perfect treat for those of us who can’t say no to a little self-gifting.



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