• 24 08 2018

A feast for the eyes and the belly

Last night Perq Studio took a night out on the town with a twist! For our summer party we got our glad rags on and headed off to Pedley Street,  first class tickets in hand, to catch the Murder Express. With drinks at the Seven Sins platform followed by a delicious menu crafted by the 2016 MasterChef finalists Billy and Jack, we were in for a bumpy ride. Immersed in a theatrical spectacular as we chomped on our juicy Butler’s steak and scallop potatoes, it was soon revealed that a murder was afoot! Mystery solved, we quickly escaped to the glorious Mr Foggs Gin Parlour to calm our nerves and sip the night away with glorious gin concoctions your mother would be proud of. What a way to celebrate the summer! #thegincident