• 09 05 2018

Hubble Contacts: Convenient. Covetable.

It goes without saying that with the launch of the first direct-to-consumer contact lens, Hubble have nailed what customers really want.

And we're not talking £££.

Whilst the brand markets itself as being an affordable alternative to mainstream brands, the reality (for UK customers at least) is that by the time you’ve added shipping, they’re not that much cheaper than the mainstream brands.

So why their popularity?

We think the secret of their success lies in how the brand has nailed two key customer drivers. They're convenient and they’re covetable.

Convenient – We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready for an important meeting, reach for one of your everyday products, only to find you’re down to the last one. And in the case of a personalised item like contact lenses, this can result in a frustrating wait until you can pick up your next set.

Hubble is following in the footsteps of subscription pioneers Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox, ditching the middle man and removing friction from the customer journey. No more remembering to place an order. Simple, high-quality products straight to our doors.

Covetable – For disruptors in traditional categories, change starts with brand and design. It’s no secret that in the age of Instagram packaging matters just as much as what’s inside it. A quick scan of what’s trending in social will show you that distinctive, beautiful packaging is being shared by people almost as much as products themselves.

Hubble’s capitalised on this opportunity by shaking off tired old category cues, (which are rife with creepy eyeballs, ew!) instead adopting a beauty-led graphic language with an airy colour palette and playful polka dot pattern. This approach creates absolute stand-out in their category, positioning the brand as a highly-desirable alternative to the large manufacturers that currently dominate the market.


Hubble’s rise to stardom brings key lessons for brands in any industry: remove friction from your customer journey and make sure your brand, design and communications are clear, distinctive and desirable.