• 20 04 2018

Play and the creative process

This morning we popped down to Creative Mornings to hear artist Laurie Trainor Buckingham share her fascinating perspectives on this month’s theme: Game.

Whether it’s winning or losing, the main purpose of a game is to play. Go back in time to when you were a child. Your play was free from the fear of judgement; anywhere could become your playground and everyday objects had limitless possibilities.

Now fast-forward to adulthood. When faced with something new, we tend to hang back. We approach creative briefs as problems to be solved, rather than ideas to be played with and explored, often limiting our creativity before we’ve even started.

Play is fundamental to our creative process.

Laurie went on to encourage us to think more like children, explaining how being in a play-like state is about seeing the world differently, re-imaging it into something else, something new. It’s about not telling your audience what to think, but letting them intepret it for themselves, seeing the everyday as a palette for infinite possibilities.

“That tennis ball is not just a ball – it’s a gravity-defying mini earth circling around my head’ said Laurie, putting play into action.

So let’s allow ourselves to think about the challenge differently, let’s play with it, have fun with it, re-imagine it. The possibilities are endless, and creatively, that’s really exciting!