• 27 04 2018

The extraordinary power of personal branding

Personal Branding is extraordinarily powerful for business success.

Remember the old adage “people buy people”? Well it’s more true than ever in this digital age, where we can all have direct access to the people behind the brand.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you communicate?

Did you consider that everything - from your avo brunch Insta post through to your punchy red sweater - and even the way you whine about how LinkedIn is turning into Facebook is helping people build up a picture of who you are?

Do you like what you’re putting out there?

Are you being true to who you really are?

Are you thinking about how others see you?

That’s where personal branding can help. Knowing your authentic self helps differentiate you and focus your next moves.

This week we hosted a workshop at D&AD Festival “7 seconds to nail your personal brand” where we shared the power of first impressions and how personal branding can help you to shape how people perceive and understand you. 

We were very excited to unveil our Personal Brand House model and share the foundations of a strong personal brand (Soul | Strengths |  Swag).

Helping people build their Personal Brand House was so rewarding, seeing the individuality and energy we can all bring to the table if we truly focus instead of trying to be everything to everyone.

Based on the huge turnout we can see this is a topic that people are hungry to know more about, so we will be running more workshops in the future and individual sessions also.


Keen to know more? We’d love to help you build your personal brand -  get in touch hello@perq.studio to attend one of our workshops or sign up for your personal session.