• 10 04 2018

Veganism: hippy-dippy fad or long-term lifestyle change?

Vegan. It’s on everyone’s lips. It’s hip, it’s healthy and we all want to be seen to do our little bit of good in this big old world.  From where we shop, to what we eat and how many 5p plastic carrier bags we proudly no longer use (thank heavens for the canvas tote!) it seems we are wising up to the impact of our buying choices. 

Our perceptions of vegans has changed dramatically too, no longer the realm of hippy-dippy activists, the ‘clean eating’ and ‘wellness movements’ have catapulted veganism into one of the most desirable and instagrammable lifestyles (thank you Miley Cyrus!). Indeed, according to the Vegan Society, more than half of UK adults are adopting ‘vegan-buying behaviour’.

And brands are paying attention.

It’s out with the harem pants and in with the latest trends.

High street fashion brand H&M has been leading the way with its Conscious Exclusive range (now in its 7th edition). With glowing endorsements from stars like Mena Suvari, Paris Jackson and Christy Turlington Burns showing us that aspirational lifestyles, fast fashion and sustainability can be compatible, I’ll no-doubt be skipping down the high street in a drop-dead gorgeous dress made from recycled fishing nets paired with stunning recycled silver jewellery, proud of making a conscious choice to do better for the oceans and the earth.

And making these choices is no longer a sacrifice for customers. Which is great news, since 95% of our purchasing choices are dictated by ease, style and price… but 83% of us also agree it’s important to buy from companies that do the right thing and 66% of us are willing to pay a premium for this.

There’s no doubt about it: brands are onto a win-win for people, planet and profit if they switch to more sustainable practices, whilst giving customers no-compromise ethical products.

We can have leather shoes from Veja, an Irish Cream Liqueur with Baileys Almande and even tuck into a burger with Beyond Meat. Talk about having your cake and eating it.

Happy days, happy vegans and with these options open to all of us, the world becomes a slightly better place.